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Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, you’ve planned carefully for MONTHS to make sure you have the perfect combination of gorgeous flowers, well thought out seating arrangements, amazing food and an epic playlist. Should you have your hired photographer stay for the reception? In a word YES, and here’s why:


Hiring a photographer to stay for the entire reception ensures that not only are the standard champagne toast and bouquet toss artfully captured but other unexpected moments between your guests are captured as well. Your father-in-law’s tearful reaction to your brother-in-law’s speech, your best friend hilariously dancing with your grandfather – these are all things you will want to be able to add to the story of your wedding day even if they don’t stand out in your mind or you didn’t witness them firsthand.


It’s true, the reception can seem like a long event when you’re planning it but after the ceremony is over and you’re filled with excitement, spending time greeting all of your family members, and celebrating with your friends, the night can go by in a flash. Having the important moments captured means you’ll be able to revisit them again and again. By the time your 10 year anniversary rolls around you’ll find yourselves forgetting some of the details; having those memories preserved will mean even more as the years go by.


Your cousin has a really nice camera can’t he just take the reception photos? You’ll want all of your guests to be able to relax and enjoy themselves at your wedding reception. Plus, shooting receptions can be tricky, they often start in daylight and go into the night. A professional photographer has the right combination of lenses and flashes so you won’t risk images of this once-in-a-lifetime event coming out too under-exposed or blurry. Someone with wedding photography experience is much better suited to stay out of the way and make sure you are getting the best moments professionally captured.

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