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Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

Coming off of the Big Outer Banks Wedding Expo we are glad to be snuggled back into our warm little studio and blogging about this year’s wedding trends.

Today’s What’s Trending blog post is all about the men!! Let’s take a peek into 2015’s top trends for Grooms and Groomsmen!

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We know that what that handsome Groom and his crazy Groomsmen wear is a very important detail of the wedding. The bride and the groom have to decide what colors and styles they are looking for, as well as what looks the best together with the bride and bridesmaids. Sooo…let’s take a look at some of the most stylish groomsmen styles for 2015!

Blue Poppy Weddings was lucky enough to speak with Brian, a stylist from VIP Formal Wear located in Raleigh, NC. Brian shared many exciting and unique trends that he has noticed in groomsmen style and gave us some awesome advice for all brides and grooms to consider during the process of picking-out what the groom and groomsmen should wear!

Brian told us that gray dominated the wedding scene in 2014 and continues to top the list for 2015. He said gray was chosen because it is a neutral color like black, complementing the bride and her bridesmaids, especially with colors such as pink and purple. He says, however, that black hasn’t completely gone out as a groomsmen style trend.  It remains a very traditional option.

Gray Wedding Suits, Gray for Groomsmen

For beach weddings, tan is incredibly popular and always gorgeous. Brian agreed stating pale and pastel colors look absolutely amazing with tan. We are seeing tans of all shades. Dark tan to almost a white are making the scene.

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Other colors that are on the rise in the groomsmen style for 2015 are navy blue and white tuxedos. (Oohhlala! I’m seeing awesome nautical themed weddings here, folks! ) Brian also shared with us that men have really stepped it up this year knowing exactly what they want, including accessories! One groomsmen style trend that has reappeared is pocket squares! Brian said they look great on tuxedos as well as any other men’s fashion. He said that contrasting pocket squares have been the most popular. For example he said, “Pairing up a lavender polka-dot pocket square with a mint tie is extremely satisfying to the eye and a refreshing, unique look.”

As for other accessories, bow ties have also made their way back on the scene. But, there is no doubt that long ties are still in the lead. There has also been more of a demand from grooms for their own unique styles, cuts, and colors, as well as a rise in men picking out their outfit without help from the bride. Brian told us that one of the biggest recent changes in groomsmen style is the use of slim-fit tuxes. He said that they look good on all sizes by broadening the shoulders and slimming the waist, and that almost every single groom he worked with picked this style. How handsome!

groomsstyle2015_0065 copy

Brian recommends to the groom when picking out the colors for himself and his groomsmen that he keeps in mind the colors his fiancé has picked for herself and her bridesmaid. It’s important not to clash colors or to outshine the bride. He also says that it is important to accessorize, whether it’s a pocket square (which seems to be a huge trend right now), wearing suspenders under the tuxedo, or a bowtie.

According to Brian, the most important part of picking out the groomsmen style is to satisfy both the bride and the groom. Three important questions that Brian always asks to his clients are:

1) When is the wedding?

2) Where is the venue?

3) What is your budget?

So many fun and stylish ideas to think about! It looks like men are going to be looking extra sharp in 2015!!!!

Outer Banks Wedding

Thank you so much Brian for taking the time to share with us!

Until Next Time ~

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