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Hello, hello! It’s Monday…again! Whoop whoop! Which means it is time for another What’s Trending 2015 Wedding blog.  Soooooo…. let’s chat about food! Why not?!

This week’s What’s Trending Weddings blog post is about Food!! Umm….Yummmmm!!!

The foods served and the style in which they are served can set the mood for the remainder of a wedding reception and certainly creates memories for your guests about your big day. Having said that, the catering part of your wedding day is important!!

Brides and Grooms need to decide what their favorite foods are, how many different food options they should have available to guests, whether they want to have buffet-style or seated-plate meal, if their menu will support a theme, and of course, determine how much will be spent on catering.

Geesh!! This is a lot to think about! That’s why we asked some of our local Outer Banks wedding caterers to share some insight on the most recent trends for 2015.

Blue Poppy Weddings was extremely fortunate to talk with Debra Sinkage; the head of catering for Argyles and Sea Salt Grille, Shannon Moody; catering manager of Mulligan’s Raw Bar and Grille, and Steve Mace; head of catering for The Good Life Gourmet.

All three vendors shared with us that typically for Outer Banks weddings, most of the brides and grooms request local fresh seafood for their reception to go along with the “beachy” theme! Some of the most popular seafood items chosen for OBX weddings are mahi, scallops, crab cakes, crab-stuffed flounder, and shrimp.

Now we’re talking!
Beach Wedding Catering Trends 2015

Although seafood is the most popular choice for Outer Banks weddings, Debra, Shannon, and Steve have all catered weddings that did not choose to use seafood. Some of these non-seafood trends include prime rib, beef tenderloin, boneless rib eye and BBQ parfait.

One recent trend that we have noticed is that a lot of brides and grooms are choosing to have a variety of different appetizers served at their reception, rather than a full-course meal. Our caterers have noticed this trend as well. Argyles shared with us that three of the most popular appetizers she has noticed brides and grooms choose are meatballs, cocktail shrimp, and mini-crab cakes. Who’s hungry now!!? Yum!

Outer Banks Catering Trends 2015

Over the past several years, buffet style catering has been the most popular serving style at wedding receptions. It’s a great option for the guests because they can choose which items they would like to eat. However, Mulligan’s has noticed that plated sit-down dinners have been requested more often for the 2015 Outer Banks wedding season. She says serving plated food directly to each guest gives the reception a more traditional feel.

No matter the style, the first decision each bride and groom must determine is their catering budget. Once a budget is established, decide on the main items, followed by the most fitting side dishes. The Good Life’s Gourmet shared that almost every bride and groom has 2 or 3 vegetables served at their reception, along with some type of starch. They told us that, for them, the most popular starches chosen are roasted baby red potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes and rice pilaf.

Past trends in food pairing are definitely coming back around. Steve told us that the Good Life Gourmet catered a wedding that was Atlantic City Boardwalk themed. They had a popcorn machine, soft pretzels, funnel cakes, corn dogs, pork roll sandwiches, french fries, and waffle cones with chicken and shrimp salad. How amazing!! He told us that he encourages brides and grooms to step out-of- the-box for an OBX wedding and to do something memorable that guests will talk about for many years to come.

When we asked all three vendors which questions they ask the bride and groom when figuring out the details of a given catering event, they all agreed that budget and their overall vision of the wedding is the most important. It is important for the bride and groom to have an idea of how much they can spend on catering because if they tell their caterer their budget, then the caterer can give them options and help them make a decision on which meals would work best. Shannon shared with us that “the food and décor at any reception is a direct reflection on the couple and their unique personalities.” And, we agree!

Food is anything but boring here in the Outer Banks! The level of amazing goes through the roof and our caterers’ creativity can blow our minds! We encourage each bride and groom to spend time when planning menus. This piece of your day sets a stage and creates memories. Thank you so much Debra, Shannon, and Steve for helping us make this post happen!

I need to go eat now!

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