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Pinterest, Instagram, Bridal magazines, Fashion – the ways to find wedding inspiration these days are almost endless, it can be overwhelming! This is a moment to create an event that is truly “you” as a couple and defining that style can sometimes be tough to narrow down. Here are our top 3 tips for finding and defining your wedding ‘style’.


…on one or two channels – up all night on Pinterest and then afraid you are missing something from the top wedding blogs? There’s no need to give yourself too many choices! Find your favorite channel or medium and stick to that. Are you a regular on the ‘gram? Follow wedding hashtags and your favorite vendors for inspiration in your daily feed. Save the posts you love and go back and look for patterns. Are they all “boho” or “barn”? Start following those hastags too!


… a mood board. A fun tool for interior designers, stylists and other creative professionals, a mood board is an arrangement of images and other inspirational elements (like a quote that sums up the feeling you want from your wedding) that shows the feel you are going for for your wedding. Depending on your medium and your personality, this can be cut and pasted images that are printed out or a digital version like a folder on your desktop or Pinterest board.

We love Pinterest because it makes it easy to pin your favorite posts to your “wedding inspo” board – but don’t forget that you can pin from anywhere on the web and even upload shots you have taken on your phone (that super cool hotel lobby or the amazing cocktail you had Friday night). And again (see #1) don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with ALL the choices, start pinning the elements that really speak to you and once you step back you will start to see a pattern!


Once you see a pattern in the saved posts and magazine clippings that speak to your heart – congratulations, you’ve nailed down the style for your Outer Banks wedding! When you get to this point don’t waste time considering off-theme options, you’ve done the hard work of narrowing down your interest now you just have to ask yourself how each decision works with your theme!

Now let’s chat, we are your professional wedding photographers + we are also stylists, designers and certified wedding planners – we can put you in touch with the Outer Banks vendors who will truly deliver on the wedding theme of your dreams!

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