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As your photographers we want to work closely with you to work in the most important images at the best time of day. As you begin to map out the day of your wedding these are a few things you will want to keep in mind when it comes to photos.

Times of Day –

MORNING :: Early morning can be a beautiful time of day for photos. Consider having a trash the dress session on the beach the morning after your wedding day when the sun is low and reflecting beautifully on the soft sand. Or plan an engagement session for the early morning several months ahead of your wedding day!

MID-DAY :: Outdoor photos are be best avoided mid-day, especially in the summer when the sun is right overhead. Mid-day can also mean our mostly un-crowded beaches can be more full of beachgoers. This is a great time to take advantage of indoor photographs of details like your wedding dress and shoes, and you and your bridal party and the groom and groomsmen preparing for the big day.

AFTERNOON :: In the Spring and Fall, late afternoon is probably the optimum time for a beach ceremony, the light is golden, the sun isn’t quite so hot and you can get right on over to your reception once your portraits are finished after the ceremony. In Winter, when the sun sets quickly, you’ll want to get any outdoor photos at least a couple of hours before sunset.

EVENING :: In the summer, when the sun doesn’t set until nearly 8pm, early evening light can be beautiful. If you wait until too late in the evening to have an outdoor ceremony or portraits on the beach, just know that the beautiful Atlantic won’t be visible in your shots. Evening is a great time for your photographer to capture reception photos.

More Factors to Consider –

TIDES :: A ceremony at low tide can give you more beach to work with and any beachgoers who may be in the background have a lot more room to spread out and move elsewhere once they see there is a wedding taking place.

SUNRISE and SUNSET TIMES :: If you want sunset photos on the sound you’ll want to plan to get there with your photographer with time to spare. The same goes for scheduling Trash the Dress photos near sunrise the next day.

WEATHER :: Of course in the days leading up to your big day you will be keeping your eye on the weather, remember – overcast days aren’t always a bad thing! They can allow for more flexibility in the timing of your photos. Pay attention to the forecasted wind speed and plan accordingly with extra bobby pins for your hair and someone designated to hold your veil if your ceremony will be outside. Before you choose your wedding date or even season you may want to look up the times of sunrise, sunset and average temperatures that time of year.

Now, just contact us when you’re ready with your date so we can get you on our schedule as soon as possible and start to work with you to set up the perfect wedding day!

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