Hello, Again!

meet The Blue Poppy wedding Photography Team

Hello, Hello!!! I am so excited that you have taken the time to stop by and check out our work here at Blue Poppy. I truly could not be more proud of the awesome team of professionals that I have the opportunity work with and share with you. Each individual drives this company with a fun, unique personality and skillset that overflows into incredible events, images, products, and, most importantly, client relationships. Part of what makes this team really rock is that each member of the Blue Poppy team is here because they have rocked-it-out for many years- sharing personality, knowledge of their trade, relationships in our community, dedication that exceeds industry standards, and their desire to go above and beyond expectations of our clients. I can say that I could not ask for a better group of professionals to present to you…so, here we are!!

Me:: Being entirely transparent- I’m pretty terrible at the “tell me about you” sections of things.  Haha…So, here goes!  And, if it bores you-feel free to skip on through!  I have always been an artist. I have gravitated toward anything that presented an opportunity to create and inspire. My first dabble into photography began as a young child with my parent’s 100% manual Minolta camera. I remember it being so heavy that I needed help holding it up to take pictures! But, I was determined. Ha! I studied photography in college, but focused my studies in the direction of science, graduating with a BS in Exercise Physiology. My first job out of college was managing a chain of children’s fitness gyms. And while I certainly put to work all of my collegiate study efforts, I continued to find myself drawn to the artistic needs of the facilities. After my first child was born, I left teaching and had the incredible opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom. Like so many proud mommies, I began taking pictures of my children. Then I began taking pictures of my children and my friends’ children…well…and, here we are…what seems like a very short many years later!!!

I have an affinity to all things light and airy.  I love color, sunshine, romance, and laughter.  I love inspirational quotes, meeting new people, flowers, and the idea of finishing a great book.  My go-to drink is coffee.  My outlet is dance.  And, aallllll of my free time is spent with my crew, including our German Shepherd, Gaia, and our crazy Belgian Malinois we lovingly call Luna-tic ;).   

The Keenan Crew = My husband, Joe, and I and our seven kiddos ranging in age from 20+ to 3 years old.  I love being a mom and have learned to find humor in most things.  

I am so grateful to have this career.  I call it a career, because most of the time it doesn’t feel like work.  Having worked in corporate America for several years before taking a large leap of faith and diving into photography head-first, I learned that there are a few things that are a necessity in order for me to find joy in what I worked in everyday.  My photography gives me an amazing platform for many of the things that I love most: to meet happy people, create beautiful images, and serve others in a tangible way. 

Thank you, again, for taking time to stop here and looking around.  I understand the importance of the decisions your making.  And, I’m standing by to answer questions, direct you to other wedding professionals, and help iron out a timeline- anytime.  If you like what you see and you think we’d make a good fit, please give me a shout.  I am looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you for stopping by. We have an open door and hope to help you create just what you are looking for.

I look forward to hearing your plans, your vision, your story.


Hola from the outer banks!

I’m equally as glad as Sarah that you’ve found our little OBX wedding photography haven!  My name is Meredith and I am one of the Blue Poppy Faces in the Outer Banks and lead photographer for weddings, beach portraits, and wedding boudoir.  I can’t wait to hear more about you!  Getting married in the Outer Banks?? Awesome!  It is a pretty sure bet that we are going to be super friends!

It is certainly safe to say that my life would not quite feel like my life without photography. My interest in photography began when I “borrowed” my friends camera while in high school (yes…the good ‘ole film days!) and didn’t return it to her until I had purchased my own!! I began formally studying photography in high school and continued my education in the field at the Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica. Since then, my travels have lead me all over the world to work with and study other photographers. These awesome adventures have included Panama, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico and much of the Eastern Coast of the USA and Coastal California.

Originally from Virginia, I have settled here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for any reasons including the unique coast, beautiful sands, active surf, and amazing photography backdrop. My busy children and happy pup keep me hopping and continually motivate my growth both professionally and personally. I love surfing, fishing, cooking, and our low-key life here in the Outer Banks.  And, am ready to jump a flight at any time to anywhere to photography a love story!

I have worked with the Blue Poppy team for over 8 years years. I serve as the lead photographer for our area, handle the majority of our team’s editing, and some client communication.  Need a Spanish speaking photographer?  I’ve got you covered!  I love this team because we have grown together, have incredible leadership, established vendor relationships, giveback to our community, and are allowed by our profession to provide opportunities to create, inspire, and share with those around us. I love what we do and truly enjoy sharing in the special moments of life. This year I became a certified wedding consultant and am anxious to continue sharing my strengths in that arena as well. I look forward to learning more about your vision.


Hey, hey!! it’s nice to meet you!

We are so excited you have taken the time to stop by!  My name is Carrie and I’ve worked with Sarah, Meredith, and Ben for over 5 years and in Outer Banks wedding photography for over 12.  Simply said, I have an excitement for life and an extreme passion for photography. I am ever blessed by the 12+ years of brides, grooms, and families that I have had the opportunity to photograph in the beautiful Outer Banks. And, I am extremely honored by the publishing of my work in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, The Knot North Carolina, and many other regional magazines.

My heart belongs to my three children, who have taught me so much. They are my constant inspiration. I love, love (did I say love?) flowers, growing and eating fresh foods, the outdoors, travel, and having fun. Wedding and portrait photography in the Outer Banks allows me to experience and share so many of my favorite things! The Outer Banks has been my home for almost 25 years. Its beauty and unique lifestyle continue to take my breath away.  And, I’m certain it will do the same for you.

The Blue Poppy Weddings team is a family within itself. We love what we do, we adore one another, and we love sharing our skill-set and relationships with others. I look forward to getting to know more about your story!


What Would Ben say??!

This is a great question!  What would he say to introduce himself??  Ben has photographed weddings in the Outer Banks for over 8 years.  We have been lucky enough to have him along side the Blue Poppy team for three years.  He is an awesome balance for us gals!

When Ben isn’t carrying his camera around, he loves hanging out with his super sweet gal, hanging with his pups, and building his tiny house with his own two hands (so, cool!).


sarah keenan creative blue poppy wedding photographers outer banks

Hello, there!

Hi, I’m Allison and I am so glad you found this incredible team! I handle social media for Blue Poppy Weddings. I married my husband on the Outer Banks 13 years ago and vowed that I would live here one day. As residents for 7 years now, we can’t imagine life any other way! I studied fine art at JMU and the College of Charleston and have a master’s degree in Mass Communication from the VCU Brandcenter.

I love to paint, plant things, travel and still can’t believe I get to live less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean with my husband, kids and our crazy Boston Terrier, Fig.

I have the privilege of knowing firsthand and believing in the huge talent and heart of the Blue Poppy Weddings team and I am passionate about sharing it with the world through social media.



As I sit here and try to find the right words to express just how appreciative I am to the Blue Poppy Team, all of the things that come to mind seem silly and not quite right.  In fact, there really are not the “right” words to express just how much having you as our photographers meant (and, still means) to us.  I can look at our pictures and feel like I’m right back in the middle of one of the most amazing and fun days of my life.  And that, to me, is proof that we couldn’t have picked a better group to work with than you.  Thank you for your time, your dedication, your professionalism, your laughter, your ability to listen, and your talent.  You gave us the gift of the most beautiful images and did it in a way that made us feel like we were just spending the evening with friends.  For you, we will always be grateful.

-Cynde & Robert, 2018

A Few of Our Favorites

long Summer days

We live for the sunshine!  Stumbling our way through the chilly winter season here on the beach is a bit challenging when your Spring, Summer, and Fall days are filled with the glorious sun, warm temps, and days on the water.  Meet us on the beach and bring on those long, sunny summer days and warm summer nights.

a few of our favorites

Puppy dog Kisses

All of us Blue Poppy folks are Super Proud 4-legged Baby Mommas and Daddies. From German Shepherds to mixed breed rescues, we can’t think of a better greeting after a day of work or snuggle while doing a little late night editing. Or….well, right in the middle of the best day of your life!

A few of our favorites

having fun, 

making memories

Sounds a little cliché, we know!  But, facts are facts and we are all about having some fun and creating some awesome memories while we are having it.  And, this is one of the reasons we love wedding photography so stinkin’ much!  New friends, awesome times, great love stories, and forever memories…what’s not to love?


Publications & RECOGNITION






your legacy

is our why

We were photographers and creators long before any of us really understood what inspired us to really love our art.  But, several years ago we were fortunate enough to be asked to dig a little deeper into the career that we had chosen to dedicate our lives to.  The Blue Poppy team was attending a photography conference and one of the speakers said that success was predicated on finding and utilizing our individual Super Powers. SUPER POWERS??!  {{Insert concerned facial expression.}} So, here we are trying to become better photographers and we are being told that we must find Super Powers??  Well, darn.  Kinda put a damper on the remainder of that morning.

And, then it hit me. I was simply fixing my children’s breakfast when I realized that we do have some Super Powers! We am good at what we do (But, so are a lot of other incredibly talented people). But, NOBODY does what we do like we do it. And, they can’t.

Why not? Because they are not us.  Seems so simple, right??

(So, here is that “Aha!” moment)

And, there it was.  Clear as day.  Doing what we do the way we do it is our Super Power.

In that instant I began the ability to see the “why” behind what I get up to do every day. Photography and digital design give us the platform to not only create beautiful, unique pieces of art, but it also allows us to weave relationships with others as we get to know the individuals that we are working with, to serve others in a tangible, meaningful way, and most importantly, to provide story books for our clients that will tell the stories of the most important and cherished times in their lives forever; their legacy.

Doing what we do because we are unique is exactly what defines each of our lives and is the perfect picture that we strive for each time we arrive at a photo shoot of any kind.  So, our dedication to you is that we work hard everyday to create experiences for our couples that fit their needs and ultimately create images that they need to document life as it is in that moment of time, images that they will need to tell their story as time passes.

We love creating beautiful things.  We love the interaction with other people. We all picked-up a camera as a young person and never put it down.  And, all of those reasons are perfect, wonderful reasons to do what we do.  But, what defines the heart behind this love is our unconditional drive to create in a unique and joyful legacy story for love-filled people.

hello and congratulations

Please make your way through our website and if you like what you see (and I hope you do!) be in touch soon, I still have one or two coastal wedding dates available!
We are taking a limited number of additional Outer Banks weddings for 2021


Thank you for stopping by sarah keenan creative. we are excited to announce our new wedding photography company : blue poppy weddings!

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